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Polish Donuts Stimulate Poland

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The average Pole eats 2 ½ paczki on Fat Thursday. That means about 100 million Polish Donuts, Paczki, were eaten in Poland yesterday. The Polish people added 50 billion calories to their waste lines and trailing posteriors. In the process, they stimulated the economy.

Fat Thursday, the last Thursday before Lent, is a day of gluttony and belly worship in Poland. People gather together and consume huge numbers of Paczki. Eating 10 of the lard fried calorie bombs is not uncommon.

Paczki are deep fried donuts that are filled with jam or other sweet filling. A traditional filling is rose bud marmalade. They are covered with sugar icing and/or fried orange zest.

Traditionally they were made to rid a house of lard, sugar and fruit, all of which are forbidden during the Roman Catholic days of Lent.


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