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Selected Restaurants of Zakopane

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Having spent the whole day walking in the town centre, hiking in the Tatras, exploring the caves, strolling in the valleys, it is high time to sample some of the regional cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants which offer traditional dishes which Zakopane and the whole region of Podhale are famous for. Most of them will also make you familiar with the regional music, typical highlander interiors and folk art. Come and enjoy it!

Type: Regional restaurant
Location: Krzeptowki 49
Tel: (+48 18) 20 170 16
Opening hours: 12 a.m. - 12 p.m.

They are a regional restaurant able to serve as many as 150 people in two of their two-level restaurant halls. The name of the restaurant is connected with ''siuchaj'' – a highland robber dressed in the regional costume'' – one of the symbols of this site. There are also other highlander's symbols – the regional kitchen utensils and sculptures, which make the restaurant uniform in its regional character. In the restaurant's cosy atmosphere (with a fireplace) listening to a highlander band, being served by their friendly staff one can enjoy their meals consisting mainly of tasty regional dishes. The chef's specialities include: lamb sausages with garlic sauce, kwasnica ''sauerkraut soup'' with ribs, roast pork knuckle with extras, etc. They also organise all types of receptions, horse sleigh rides, or any type of party in the open air (lamb roasting) . The party may be accompanied by the music played by a typical highlander band or by a regional dance show performed by professional dancers. The prices are moderate, thus, come and see for yourself.

Type: Regional restaurant
Location: Krupowki 1
Tel: (+48 18) 20 17 201
Opening hours: 12 a.m. - the last guest

''Gazdowo Kuznia'' regional restaurant is situated in one of the oldest buildings of Zakopane, at the site of the first hotel ''Pod Giewontem'' dating back to 1891. The stylish decor typical for the highlander style makes one feel relaxed and enjoy their meal. The restaurant specialises in the regional dishes, with the recipes passed on in the Zakopane region from generation to generation, and in the old Polish cuisine. One can choose from the tasty regional treats like the whole roasted pig served with specially selected wine, a pork knuckle in beer sauce, highlander tea, etc. Come here as you will feel the atmosphere of Zakopane and the Podhale region.

Type: Regional inn
Location: Grunwaldzka 25 B
Tel: (+48 18) 206 63 33
Opening hours: 11 a.m. - the last guest

''Kmicic'' regional inn, in the highlander style, offers both regional and typical Polish cuisine. The food is served by a kind and professional staff in the interior typical for the highlander style. It is here that you will enjoy tasty meals in the spacious rooms equipped with a large fireplace making you feel warm and cosy, especially on a cold winter day. They can seat up to 100 people. There is also an area aimed for kids to play in. The inn also has a summer garden where as many as 40 people can have a meal. Stylish decor, nice atmosphere and tasty food are the advantages. Come and see for yourself!

Type: Regional restaurant
Location: Krupowki 28
Tel: (+48 18) 201 33 91
Opening hours: 11 a.m. - the last guest

''Staro izba'' restaurant is situated in the centre of Krupowki street. It is here that you will not only taste the regional dishes, but you will enjoy a really homely atmosphere of the place constructed in accordance with the traditional highlander house fashion. The wooden interior, the furnishings, and what is most important – the tasty regional food are what you need! If you come in summer or winter, a highlander band will play for you. The specialities include ribs roasted with onions served on a wooden dish with sauces, roasted duck in fruit served with cranberry, lamb choppers and other regional treats. A unique place and atmosphere!

Type: Regional restaurant
Location: Koscieliska 8
Tel: (+48 18) 206 41 67

This restaurant is regarded as the oldest inn in Zakopane. It is situated in the oldest two-storey building of the Podhale region. The restaurant has a long history and is closely connected with the highlanders. The restaurant serves typical regional dishes. One can choose from dishes like ''oscypek'', ''kiska'' (the black pudding), ''pstrag po cepersku'' (trout). It has also got its secret recipes for beverages and pork dishes.The restaurant also holds receptions tailored to the customers' needs. If interested, they will also organise lectures devoted to the culture of the local highlanders.Thus, come here to discover the chef's secret dishes and learn about the fascinating history and culture of the highlanders!

Type: Regional restaurant, drink bar and cocktail bar
Location: Krupowki 30
Tel: (+48 18) 201 50 66
Opening hours: 1 p.m. - 12 p.m.

The restaurant, situated in the centre of Zakopane, is placed in the basement of the ''Morskie Oko '' Hotel. It is famous for its original interior designed in accordance with the regional highlander style. The menu consists of regional dishes with such tasty specialities as: ''kwasnica'' (the regional sauerkraut soup), fried trout, ''placek zbojnicki'' (the highlander's pancake), etc. The highlanders' band plays music live making one get the full flavour not only of the regional treats, but the culture of the region as well. There is also a night club, a drink bar and a cocktail bar. Thus, you will enjoy yourself here.

Type: Wine bar
Location: Grunwaldzka 9
Tel: (+48 18) 201 32 21
Opening hours: 4 p.m. - 10 p.m.

This small wine bar, situated in the cellar of the guesthouse, is the only wine cellar bar in the whole Podhale region. One can taste as many as a hundred wine varieties from all over the world. They also have excellent tea and coffee, cold beverages, alcohol and spirit drinks on offer. Moreover, the bar sells the wine to take away. If you are not a wine expert, the knowledgeable staff will help you choose a wine to suit your palate. Come and try the wines of the world! In the cosy interior they will taste best, especially on a cold winter afternoon.

Type: Cafe Bar
Location: Gen. Galicy 8
Tel: (+48 18) 206 32 51
Opening hours: 4 p.m. - 1 a.m. (Saturday/Sunday: 12 a.m. - 1 a.m.)

The cafe bar is mostly famous for its original decor and a wide selection of exotic and classical drinks. The walls are covered with Hollywood and regional artists, making the place unique and cosmopolitan. The drinks, served by polite bartenders, are well known for their original tastes and names. You can also dance here, especially on Fridays in summer when music plays live. The summer garden by the stream is also a perfect site in summer. Great winter warmers on offer are something you will love!

Type: cafe / confectionery
Location: Witkiewicza 2
Tel: (+48) 20 145 72

The small cafe is one of the most famous ones in Zakopane. Since its opening in 1927, the cafe has been a family business. It attracts customers both with the cafe's products and the cafe's art nouveau interior. The cafe offers a wide variety of delicious cakes based on the original recipes and the new ones to satisfy the tastes of the customers. One can choose from different cake flavours: lemon, chocolate, cappuccino, pear, fruit, nut, etc. Come and savour the mouth-watering cakes!

Type: Chinese restaurant
Location: Zamoyskiego 10 B
Tel: (+48 18) 206 15 97
Opening hours: 12 a.m. - 10 p.m.

The restaurant, as the name suggests, offers as many as 70 Chinese cuisine dishes. The menu is really varied as one can choose from Chinese soups (Beijing soup, shrimp soup), meat and poultry dishes (Chinese ribs, Chinese duck), fish (shark, fish served with bamboo shoots) and even exotic deserts. The restaurant can seat up to 60 people. Moreover, it offers catering services and take-away food. Real treat for Chinese cuisine fans!

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Map of Zakopane

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