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Selected Night Clubs of Zakopane

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Though tired after hiking, it is a good idea to walk through the streets of Zakopane not only to see the winter capital of Poland by night, but to explore its night life. There are a few clubs to choose from. The major and most popular ones with Zakopane newcomers are listed below. Have the time of your life!

Location: Jagiellonska 18
Tel: (+4818) 201 29 04
Opening Hours: from 6 p.m.

Amstrong is regarded as one of the best music clubs as it is the only club in Zakopane and one of very few clubs in the south of Poland where club music is played by the best Polish and European DJ s. It is here that you will hear reggae, drumandbass, breakbeat, etc. Since the club opening in 2001, such club music stars as: Daniel Haaksman, Michael Kupilas, Dooda, Maniac, Adamus have performed here. Apart from club music and culture presented here, the Ampstrong hosts various concerts, exhibitions, film shows and multimedia presentations. According to the ''Newsweek'' survey (2002), the Ampstrong Club is considered to be one of the best club music clubs in Poland.

Location: Kosciuszki 10
Tel: (+4818) 201 39 72
Opening Hours:the ground floor – from 3 p.m. , the first floor – from 7 p.m. - the last guest

This popular club is famous for its three rooms, two bars, a dancefloor and five balconies. The club, with its modern interior, splendid decor and selected music genres, attracts numerous visitors all year round. The local and international DJ s entertain the party people. In the future jazz concerts are planned to take place here. Come and have the time of your life!

Location: Zaruskiego 5
Tel: (+48) 601 50 14 19
Opening hours: 7 p.m. - 4 a.m.

It is here that you will listen to varied music: reggae, club, rock'n'roll, trash, gothic, death metal, etc. The music played by the best DJ s combined with the lights, the decor, the colours creates lively atmosphere. The club interior has been renovated recently. Now the club is bigger, more modern and more attractive. Come and see for youself!Free admission from Sunday till Thursday. Live concerts are held occasionally.

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Map of Zakopane

Map of Zakopane

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