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Shopping in Zakopane

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After having fun in the snow or hiking in the Tatras, you can relax strolling along the streets of Zakopane, which with its colourful souvenir stalls and street vendors are a colourful feast for the eyes.


The main commercial street is the famous Krupowki – Zakopane’s main thoroughfare.

In this bustling and lively street you will find everything from skiing gear, sportswear and other sport equipment, to souvenir stalls and charming little galleries selling gifts and all kinds of artistic knick-knacks.

Oscypek – No 1 speciality of the Podhale region

As you stroll by, you will certainly come across street vendors selling Oscypki, which are small pieces of smoked or fresh cheese made of sheep’s milk. They are quite salty and go great with fresh beer!

Souvenir stalls

Krupowki and the neighbouring streets abound with stalls offering all kinds of traditional local handicraft. Here you can find wooden figurines, trinket boxes, carved wooden sticks called “ciupaga”, leather goods and sheep skin rugs, things knitted out of wool, regional costumes, embroidered cotton tablecloth, special leather shoes called "kierpce" and other goods. Many of these items make unique gifts for family and friends.

Art galleries and traditional handicrafts

On Krupowki street there are many little galleries offering a wide selection of ornaments, porcelain products and all kind of artistic knick-knacks. There are also high class shops selling amber in jewellery, lamps and household items.
A specialist shop that sells traditional handicrafts is called Cepelia. It has two locations on Krupowki – no 2 and 48.

Supermarkets and groceries

There are many groceries on Krupowki, so you can stock up on picnic provisions before you set off on the mountain trail. There is also a 24 hour supermarket on Kosciuszki street, not far from Krupowki.

Enjoy shopping and experiencing the local colour!

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Map of Zakopane

Map of Zakopane

Zakopane Map | Map of Zakopane Poland

Plan your trip with our interactive Zakopane Map section. Major routes through and around Zakopane city.

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