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Zakopane, the city of hotel guests

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Never before in its history has Zakopane experienced such hotel boom. At the moment four new hotels are being built, and there are plans to build six more. Soon, a new 5 star hotel is going to be built at Antalowka in Zakopane. It seems that Zakopane is visited by more and more well-off guests.

There are no sheiks with their harems strolling down Krupowki yet, but as the Zakopane mayor says, there is a growing number of wealthy tourists coming to the city, not only from Poland, but also from around the world. There are event tourists from Arabic countries, however there are not so many of them yet.

In the summertime there are lots of British, French, Dutch and German visitors, while in the wintertime - a large number of tourists from Russia. Foreign guests choose high standard hotels with all the luxury amenities such as spa, swimming pools, tennis courts and other attractions.

At the moment, there are about 30 hotels in Zakopane, most of them are 3 star hotels. Except for the existing hotels, tourists can choose from a wide range of private guest houses, which are in abundance all over Zakopane. However, the city still lacks hotels with the highest standards of luxury and comfort to suit more prosperous visitors.

Recently, some new 4 star hotels have been built, including Willa Marilor, Stamary and Belvedere. Another high standard hotel – Crocus will be opened at the end of this year at Chalubinskiego St.

Next year, the first 5 star hotel in Zakopane will be opened. It is located at Antalowka and connected with the Aqua Park. Two other hotels are going to be redeveloped into 5 star hotels and there are plans for another few in the future.


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Map of Zakopane

Map of Zakopane

Zakopane Map | Map of Zakopane Poland

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