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10 must-see attractions of Zakopane

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Zakopane, the gem of the Tatra mountains, has a unique appeal to its visitors due to the numerous attractions it offers. Below are ten ways to enjoy this charming mountain resort. Everybody will find something for themselves...

1. Visit Krupowki Street. This main thoroughfare of the town is lined with wooden Zakopane-style restaurants, cafes, art galleries and gift shops. At the lower end of the street, there are little stalls offering local handicrafts like wooden boxes, woollen jumpers, hats and gloves, special Zakopane-style leather shoes etc.

Krupowki Street

2. Try the cheese. The local cheese, made of sheep's milk is called „oscypek” (plural: „oscypki”). This rubbery, salty cheese is no. 1 speciality of the Podhale region. The unsmoked oscypek is white, while its smoked version is dark yellow. You can buy it at the street stalls. It goes well with beer!

3. Appreciate the unique, Zakopane-style architecture. Stroll along the streets and see the distinctive wooden houses with peaked roofs. Most of the chalets in the town's centre date back to the beginning of the 20th century.

4. Take the funicular or cable car to the top of Mount Gubalowka. The ride takes about 8 minutes. Mount Gubalowka affords beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains. Atfer a half an hour walk along the Gubalowka top, you can take a chair lift from Butorowy Wierch Summit down to Zakopane (15 min.)

The view from Mount Gubalowka

5. Visit the Tatra Museum. The museum is located on Krupowki St. It is a great place to get familiar with local folk culture and art as well as alpine nature.

6. Go hiking. Zakopane area abounds with scenic hiking trails. They can vary from an easy two-hour stroll to high-intensity mountain climbing.

7. Climb up the Sleeping Knight's forehead. A hike up to Mount Giewont takes about three hours. If you find it too strenuous, just appreciate the Sleeping Knight's profile from a distance while strolling downtown.

8. Try highlander cuisine. Among the local specialities is sauerkraut soup, red cabbage, pork knuckles, lamb sausage and fried trout.

9. Catch a festival. If you happen to come to Zakopane in the summer, there is a big International Highland Folk Festival which is held annually in August. The festival comprises highlander singing, dancing, art performances and fairs.

10. Visit the Aqua Park Zakopane. If the wather is really bad, ejnoy Zakopane Aqua Park with modern swimming pools, twisting slides, saunas, jacuzzi, bowling etc.

Whatever you choose, have a great time in Zakopane!

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Map of Zakopane

Map of Zakopane

Zakopane Map | Map of Zakopane Poland

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