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Kalatowki - Skiing, Jazz and Contemplation Centre

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Kalatowki, named after the original owners of the grounds, is one of the clearings of the Tatras situated in the Bystra's Valley (Dolina Bystrej). This flat piece of land, wholly surrounded by forests, is well-known as the site where one can enjoy stunning views of the Kasprowy Wierch area and other peaks of theTatra Mountains. While walking in the lower part of the clearing, it is possible to relax listening to the shimmering waters of the Bystra Brook. In the upper part of the Bystra's Valley the PTTK Mountain Hotel (Hotel górski PTTK na Polanie Kalatowki) is situated. Its architectural design does not match the surrounding area and, as the name ''hotel'' suggests, has hardly anything to do with a typical mountain hut. In the past the Kalatowki Clearing used to be a shepherd centre. However, only one shepherd's hut has been preserved till the present day. Nowadays the reintroducing of sheep rearing is planned.

Kalatowki as a Skiing Centre

Currently, the Kalatowki Clearing is renowned as a popular ski centre, the first to be established in the Polish Tatra Mountains. Its origins date back as far as 1910 when the first skiing competitions were held here. Since then the ski school, ski lifts and the ski runs attract lots of skiers every year. However, it is recommended that one should come to Kalatowki not only in winter. The outstanding beauty of the site can be admired in early spring, when the crocuses cover the clearing.

Kalatowki Jazz Camping Meeting

In autumn the Kalatowki clearing becomes the capital of Polish jazz. The 7-day-long Kalatowki Jazz Camping is held here during which the best jazz performers from all over Poland perform with the highlander bands.
Kalatowki as the Contemplation Centre

On the way from Kuznice to the Kalatowki Clearing, there are two sacred monuments which cannot be missed: SS. Albertines' Chapel, erected according to the design of Stanislaw Witkiewicz , and Adam Chmielowski's Hermitage. This famous painter, also known as St. Brother Albert and Brother of Our God, abondened his promising painting career to work with the poor in Cracow. The order St. Brother Albert founded, called the Albertines or the Brothers of the Third Order of Saint Francis, provided shelter and food for the poor and homeless. The Chapel, built in the crude style and with Franciscan simplicity, is famous for the historical crucifix, in front of which St. Albert spent long hours on contemplation of the suffering Christ. The Hermitage serves as the tiny museum dedicated to St. Albert. The peace and quiet of the site make it a perfect venue for rest during a stroll to/from the Kalatowki Clearing.

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