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Krupowki - Heart of Zakopane

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Krupowki is the central, thus, the most representative street of Zakopane. It is also one of the five most famous streets in Poland. Its one end is situated at the Gubalowka funicular base station, whereas the other goes southwards.

Krupowki is over a kilometre long. This promenade - lined with a wide selection of shops, restaurants and hotels – attracts thousands of visitors all year round. Some come here to sit in one of the restaurants or on one of the benches and look at the crowds walking along the promenade. Others enjoy walking up and down Krupowki doing window-shopping, showing off the latest sports outfit and gear or being just a part of this multi-lingual crowd.

This central attraction of Zakopane has an unrivalled atmosphere, especially at the height of the summer and winter seasons. The street is always vibrant with life. It is here that you can see portray artists, watch various types of street performers, hear the horses stamping on the pavement and smell the Zakopane cuisine specialities and grilled food.

Once a year Krupowki hosts the International Highland Folklore International Festival during which colourfully dressed artists from all over the world walk along the street presenting their traditional clothes and folk music.The street is quite short and narrow, full of colourful neon signs on their storefronts, and, thus, regarded by some as the ugliest street lacking a uniform architectural concept. Others perceive this architectural chaos as the advantage of Krupowki, In their opinion,  the street has its own style and extraordinary character. As for real mountaineers,they prefer the picturesque, though rarely deserted, trails of the Tatras to Krupowki.

The truth is, if you are in Zakopane, it is a must to come here and see for yourself what is so special about this place.


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Map of Zakopane

Map of Zakopane

Zakopane Map | Map of Zakopane Poland

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