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Wladyslaw Hasior - Controversial Artist of the Podhale Region

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Wladyslaw Hasior (1928 – 1999) was a modern Polish sculptor, stage designer, painter, poet, critic, moralist connected with the region of Podhale. After completing the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw, Władysław Hasiorhe settled in Zakopane in 1957. It was then that Hasior started to take part in the art exhibitions in Poland and abroad in such cities as Oslo, Stockholm, Vienna, Paris, Rome, Montevideo, Copenhagen, Brussels, Moscow, etc. Hasior's art was often compared to the world pop-art and, as deeply emotional, it was described as magic, symbolic, tragic, provocative, etc. He used everyday use objects, broken down mechanisms, cloths in his works, which he stored in his family house. It was turned into the gallery devoted to Hasior and his works of art, where one can admire his output nowadays.Hasior was also renowned as the sculptor of many monuments situated all over the country and abroad. One of them entitled ''Prometeusz rozstrzelany'', commemmorating the Nazi war crime victims, can be seen in Kuznice.

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